Friday, 9 May 2014

Thank you Cronulla High

One of the most amazing and rewarding parts of running such a wide and multi-faceted campaign such as Accio Books is the opportunity to get involved with people who you otherwise, never would have been in contact with.
It is with immense pride that I thank Cronulla High School for their wonderful role in our collection. It is amazing to have student and faculty alike, joining together in our cause. This book drive truly will change lives. Our aim from the start was to supply books to remote indigenous, refugee and marginalised communities in Australia so that everyone within our country can have the same chance at an education and a chance to better themselves. How fitting is it then, that schools such as Cronulla high, band together for our common goal of education.

Here is a short message from the students at Cronulla High School:

We are at Cronulla High School and recently participated in the HPA's The Deluminators' Book Drive. Sian, year 8, writes: I personally was surprised at the effort put in by students, parents and teachers. The enthusiasm of all the participated was astounding. I'd like to thank my teachers and the school for bringing this opportunity to our school. This was a great experience for all involved, as in total Cronulla High donated 407 books. These books covered all ages from bedtime stories to five hundred page biographies.
I loved the experience of participating in the book drive as well as counting all the books, seeing what people had donated and taking photos as the collection progressed.
Kirra, year 8, writes: This is a great program, which I hope has collected lots of books for the people who need them. Thanks to all in our school that put in load of effort to make the book drive a success.

Our book drive is in its final stages. I am truly honoured to have spent so much time with such committed people during this campaign.


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