Friday, 30 January 2015

Bring on 2015

At the iconic fountain in Hyde Park, we had our first meeting for 2015. Two months has passed since the Deluminators last met at the Yule Ball and everyone was extremely excited to see each other again.
Picnic rugs and chips were laid out and after a hearty game of Ninja Destruction (Sorry Wizard Destruction-congratulations Jim), we began our meeting; 21 members strong, the most we have ever had in attendance.
On this beautiful summer's day, we welcomed new and old to discuss our campaigns from 2014, what we can do different and better in 2015 and where this year's campaigns are taking us. All to the peaceful backdrop of bagpipes and a street sweeper.
As our organisation is developing, so too is the confidence of our members who are bringing forward wonderful campaign concepts that we can't wait to get started on! After presenting, discussing and voting, we are pleased to announce this year's campaigns.
We look forward to partnering with schools this year to spread our wings and create Deluminator subgroups in Sydney high schools. We also look forward this year to working with the Hornsby Leos; a junior Lyons Club on their month to month projects.
First off, we're kicking off the year with:
Care of Magical (Australian) Creatures
Headed by our wonderful Christine, we will be making cotton pouches for baby marsupials who have been orphaned by natural disasters and gloves for koalas who have had their paws burnt during bushfires. On these working bee days, Joanna will also be coordinating the making of reusable female sanitation products to send to communities all over the world where women are forced to miss school as a result of not having proper sanitation.
2015 also brings the continuation of the:
Unicorn Blood Drive
Every three months we will encourage our members and friends to donate blood in the name of The Deluminators and build up our Red Cross tally. We also look forward to collaborating with the Calendar Fighters; a Nerdfighter subgroup who are creating an 18 month calendar, featuring the Deluminators to sell to raise funds for the Harry Potter Alliance and future Australian Nerdfighter events.
In June we will be embarking on:
Project Patronus
Gorgeous Olivia, along with her committee will be contacting hospitals, refugee centres and mental health institutions to present them with the Deluminator program when our members, armed with Harry Potter books, will bring the magic of the wizarding world to these communities in reading, performance and art.
August brings our second:
Esther Day
We plan on spreading the love around Sydney. Offering serenades, origami roses and cranes and free hugs in the city, Alex has quite the event ahead of her. After hearing numerous touching stories about how we affected some incredible change last year with our stall, we wouldn't dream of not re-creating the love sharing.
And finally, come December and Yuletide season, watch this space for:
The Deluminators Wolfsbane Festival
Our second Yule event comes in the form of a music festival. Complete with live entertainment, a sausage sizzle, markets and a hugging circle, keep your weekends free because this is a must attend event.
As per usual, none of this is possible without the creativity and hard work of our amazing members. 2015 is shaping up to be a spectacular year and we can't wait to get the ball rolling!
Until next time,

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